Enfagrow, Keri Lotion, Honey Bunches and Jimmy Dean HaulThis was such a fun haul to do at Walmart. My out of pocket cost was only $0.12, which was my tax!

Walmart will price match any item for you at any of their registers. This week the Keri lotion was on sale for $0.99 at RiteAid, I took this store ad to my local Walmart to show the cashier the price. I also had 3 manufacturer coupons for the Keri lotion for $2 off each. When I used the 3 coupons, along with the 3 lotion, I received an overage of $3.03 to go towards my other items.

Here is how the deal worked:
7 Enfagrow, $5
-used $5/1 internet printables
13 Jimmy deans, $2 each
-used $2/1
3 Keri Lotion, $0.99 each
-used 3 $2/1
=free plus $3.03 overage
3 Honey bunches $1.99 each (I also price matched these the same week from a Meijer ad)
-used 3 $1/1
=$2.97, used the overage from the Keri Lotion to pay for this

I had a negative balance of -$0.06 with the overage, however my tax was $0.18 so I had to pay $0.12