Is a Scam? Is the Wish App a Scam?

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wishappI’ve had a lot of questions regarding and the Wish App (available both on Android and iPhone devices) so I decided to create a post exclusively to address this!

Please note, I do not work for Wish and did not get paid to write this review. My answers are not official answers from Wish and I take no responsibility or credit if you should run into issues or problems while shopping or using the site and Wish App. My answers are completely from my own experience and research on using and the mobile app.


21 Questions Regarding and the Wish App:

  1. Is a scam? Is Fraud?
  2. Is the Wish App a scam?
  3. Is for real?
  4. Is the Wish App real?
  5. Is safe?
  6. Is the Wish App safe to download?
  7. What is
  8. Where is Wish located?
  9. How do you get stuff for free from Wish?
  10. Why do I have to enter my Credit Card information?
  11. What does sell?
  12. Where does products ship from?
  13. How much is shipping?
  14. How long does it take for me to receive my order?
  15. How do I use
  16. How can I sign up for or the Wish App?
  17. How should I sign up to get a free $10 Gift Card on the Wish App?
  18. How do I contact for help?
  19. How do I share the website with my friends and family?
  20. Can I get more $10 Gift Cards?
  21. What are you going to buy next?
  1. Is a scam? Is Fraud?
  2. Is the Wish App a scam?
    No. Well, it depends on what you consider a scam. Sometimes you might not get what you paid for because a seller might not ship an item or it might get lost in the mail and then you get burned and believe that you were scammed into paying for something you never received. In my experience, I don’t think is a scam because I have received my items that I have purchased, you might get unlucky and end up buying an item from a scammer, but the actual company is not a scam. However, customer support is slow and sucks so if you don’t receive an item it might take a while to get your money back or to get any kind of customer support directly from Then you might think that is really a scam.
  3. Is for real?
  4. Is the Wish App real?
    Seriously, someone asked me this question when I shared a post about getting a free hair wig on with the $10 Gift Card credit and I didn’t know how to answer this question. You mean, is the hair real or is real? I don’t know because I didn’t order the hair, I just saw that it was $10 and that it would be free with the $10 credit. I don’t think real hair would cost only $10. Anyhow, I think is a pretty real website, and a pretty real app because it’s available on both Android and iPhone app stores. It does take a process for an app to get approved and be available in the App Store, so I think it’s pretty real?
  5. Is safe?
    Anytime that you log into a website or app with a username, password, and/or enter your credit card and payment information, you are always going to take a risk because there are people out there who like to steal other people’s money, identity for their own satisfaction. Safety is and should always be a concern but I don’t think that should stop you from taking advantage of the amazing deals that and other ecommerce sites like Amazon offer. If you pay with your credit card, you are more than likely more safe than not because you can actually get more support when it comes to credit card fraud. Most of the time you should and will get your money back if your charge was unauthorized. does not just charge you out of the blue, if you buy something, even with your $10 credit, you do have to pay for shipping, so you will enter your payment information and will charge you for that shipping fee.
  6. Is the Wish App safe to download?
    I think so but my previous answer sort of goes with this question. It does take a process for an app to get approved and be available in the App Store, so I think it’s pretty safe?
  7. What is

    This really should be the first question and answer but I’m not sure why it’s put in the middle, anyway this question and answer is for people who are skeptical and have read this far because they are still not really sure about signing up or what exactly is (meaning you have not Googled “What is or read their About page). Basically, is a marketplace for sellers to sell their goods, similar to Amazon and eBay. There are lot of products that are sold on that you might find on eBay. Many of these items are shipped from different countries like China. There are U.S. sellers too, you really don’t know this until you’ve purchased an item and received it in the mail with the return address. runs a website and a mobile app where you can sign up, log in and easily search and find and buy products like Makeup, Clothes, Shoes, etc. Many of the items on are for women. also allows you to add items from any site to your “Wishlist” and you can follow or share these with your friends or family. has over 12 million users and growing and is a fairly new website/app. It has a 5 star rating on both Android and iPhone iOS. You can read more about them here and see their pretty team pictures.
  8. Where is Wish located?
    The Wish corporate headquarters is located in downtown San Francisco, CA, USA.
  9. How do you get stuff for free from Wish?
    As of publishing this post, is offering a promotion exclusively on their mobile app when you use the promo code YQDYFCX you can get up to 50% off your first purchase.

  1. Why do I have to enter my Credit Card information? does not accept paypal, google checkout or any third party form of payment, when you buy an item and pay using your Gift Card credit or if you buy an item without any credit, you will have to pay for shipping + the remaining cost of the item. only accepts major credit cards so yes you do have to enter your CC info.
  2. What does sell? sells a variety of items ranging from makeup, clothes, shoes, baby clothes, jewelry, tech gadgets and sometimes more often than not, knock-offs, cheap imitations of things you might find elsewhere. Most, if not all items are non-name brand items.
  3. Where does products ship from?
    Depending on what you purchase, a product ships from different countries or states. Every seller ships his or her own products directly to you once you place an order. It’s kinda like eBay and Amazon.
  4. How much is shipping?
    Shipping varies but it seems to be a flat range between $1 and $4. There are some items that cost $15 to ship that I have seen on the app.
  5. How long does it take for me to receive my order?
    Again, that really depends on who you purchased the product from. Some items take less than 4 days and some will take up to 3 weeks to ship. The nice thing is every item you order has a tracking # that is provided to you by the seller via’s email notification and order page, once you place your order so that you can track the progress of a shipment.
  6. How do I use
    To use, you can go directly to or download the app “Wish”. You will need to signup or login using an email or your Facebook login.
  7. How can I sign up for free or the Wish App?
    Click on this link and it should take you to the sign up page or direct you to download the app.
  8. How should I sign up to get a free $10 Gift Card on the Wish App?
    Some people have not received the $10 Gift Card because they went directly to or downloaded the app direclty instead of using the referal link found here. You will need to resign up. I suggest signing up using an email address, instead of connecting via Facebook. You can connect your Facebook login after you’ve signed up.
  9. How do I contact for help?
    There is only one way you can contact Wish, unfortunately. They have one email address listed: – Good luck getting any kind of support. Well, you can also click on the gray Customer Support link on the left hand side of their website, however, that also goes directly to I had one minor issues with upon first using it (that’s another story) and it took 48 hours for someone to respond to me via email. This was after I found their official Facebook Page and alerted them via one of their posts that I was not getting a response and demanding someone respond to me. Ha!
  10. How do I share the website with my friends and family?
    The best way to share the website or app with your friends or family is via the mobile app. You will receive a unique URL/link that you can copy and email or use their social tools to share to get credit for when they sign up.
  11. Can I get more $10 Gift Cards?
    Yes, that is the best thing about the “Give $10, Get $10” – there seems to be no limit to how many $10 GCs you can earn.
  12. What are you going to buy next with your $10 credit?
    I think I might buy this mini USB portable charger, it’s only $10 and I could see myself actually using it for my phone. It’s free so why not?

    Cylinder Pocket Series Universal 2600mAh Smartphone Power Bank for IPhone series Samsung Series

    Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 7.20.57 PM


28 thoughts on “Is a Scam? Is the Wish App a Scam?

    1. Grace, I’m sorry but they no longer have the promotion so there is no where to access a referral link now. 🙁

  1. is a fraud I have placed a order over a month ago and still have not received anything they keep sending me a link that Say track package but when I track the package it keeps saying my package is in White Plains New York it’s been saying this since January 21 I emailed them and they said take it up with the USPS what a way to do business

    1. Hi Syd, sorry to hear about your item. Just because your item is stuck at a shipping location does not make Wish a fraud or a scam. The item was sent from a merchant that uses Wish as their online store portal. You should contact the support team to get a refund. They will refund you if you don’t receive the item!

    1. Hi Joanna! Thanks for the info. When we posted this review, they did not accept PayPal at the time. We will definitely update this soon to reflect that.

  2. I have never bought anything from Yet last weekend, 40 times they took payments from my card. To make matters worse, the card number was right, but the card date stated 00/2000. I am really angry, because now Visa are saying they are taking 1 month to do an investigation into the purchases. Yet, it took one day to take the money.

    1. Hi Kerry sorry to hear about that! It sounds like your credit card must have been compromised. does not automatically charge anyone. Someone else may have gotten a hold of your card number and used it to buy things. Best of luck to you.

      1. If that is the case, then why do do not react whenever I send them messages. It has been nearly a week of sending them messages every day and still nothing. This makes me suspicious that it is that caused the fraud. The card date was 00/2000, I am unclear how a reputable site, would not pick up on the fact that invalid card details are being used in the space of one hour. Also, I have done a google search. There are a lot of complaints from people about the same thing. That they bought something on and that there card was used repeatedly without their authorization and no response from It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I can’t even have a card now. I am too scared. I keep logging on to my account wondering if are going to take more money, because they do not seem to care when I reported it to them.

  3. Does wish have a seller rate? Like Amazon and ebay from real buyers so people know who they can order from the quality and the satisfaction of the real buyers. I’ve read some people were satisfied with orders but never posted who they bought from same with the scam and cheap sellers.

    1. Hi Tammy, yes they have a rating and review section. You will find this on each product page that is listed. Only customers who have purchased the item can write a review.

  4. hey uh mrsK , I use this app well I look at it and I see really cute and nice things on here I want this watch and I have money but it has to be cc and my mom won’t let me get it she believes these things will cheat you help me!

    1. Hi Andrea, let her know it’s 100% legit and she should have no worries. If you don’t receive your item, you can contact them and they will refund your money.

  5. What I used was a prepaid credit card with $20 that way if I don’t add any more money they can’t steal that much

  6. I have ordered several different items from and I received everything sooner then expected. I, like Kate, use a prepaid credit card so that my money cant be stolen.. BUT please people, understand that if you find something on the site and it retails in a box store for $25.00(US$) and its on Wish for $3.00, you should expect it to be of lesser quality. I ordered leggings, they fit and they are really cute BUT the material is thinner then I had expected. BUT that’s ok because I found the similar pants in a store where I live for well over $30 and I only paid $5 for the ones I got. So I wont complain. The rest of my orders were costume jewelry and toys. They tell you how long it should take for your items to be shipped and sometimes it says 30-45 days. I haven’t had to call customer service yet(and I hope that I wont have to)so I cant comment on their service only quality and speed of items delivered. Also I believe that the items are actually shipped from the retailers NOT

  7. They do take Paypal now or I wouldn’t buy anything too many reports of cc theft. Paypal is safe though…

  8. Odd… YOU say they don’t accept third party payments yet their site prominently says they do! How…puzzling.

  9. It’s been three years since this was posted, but I wanted to chime in! I love Wish. Love, love, love! I’ve always received the items I’ve ordered, short of one thing, and I was refunded immediately.They are excellent about this. If it came and wasn’t as I expected it to be, bam -refund, no questions asked. Even if the item is LATE, bam -refund, no questions asked. Their customer service team is a great, one. They are very attentive, and answer questions quickly. I have been a Wish shopper for a couple of years now, and really like their site/app a lot. There ARE a couple of issues, but they aren’t scam-related. One: It takes a long, long time to get your item unless you live in China. Two: Asian sizing is WAY smaller than Western sizing, so depending on the shirt, pants, or whatever piece of clothing you order, you must order at least one size up. I wear an extra small to a small here, so I always order a medium there. I always read the reviews under an item to see what others have to say. Once or twice, I needed to order a large, and once, because of the nature of the item, I actually got to order my size. Well, a small. Here I’m mainly an XS.

  10. I have same problem with wish.
    Locked put of account for 3 months. 20+ emails withput reply.
    Still waiting on some items.

  11. Wish is in my opinion a bad site to shop on. Buyer beware. The customer either gets wrong item or no item or auto refund. This is a hit and miss type deal. I have shopped with Wish for over 4 months and about every other order there is a problem. I do not recommend as there has been no improvement in there customer service.

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