Did you know that Google has a service called Google Voice? It’s a FREE phone service that you can sign up for. You can receive calls or text messages and have them forwarded to your designated number AND you can get emailed transcripts and text message alerts to your email inbox. Neat right?!

All you need is an gmail email address! That’s free too! Why is this important? Well, in case you cannot afford to get a cell phone or text messaging on your phone plan, you can use Google Voice.

What do we love about Google Voice?

You can get FREE Text messages! Each text messaging service varies from company to company. We have found that Target Mobile Coupons, Kmart, Sears (and Staples too) WORKS on Google Voice with text messaging! So sign up for a FREE Google Voice account to get FREE Target Mobile Coupons now before this hot deal ENDS!!

What are Target Mobile Coupons?

The Target Mobile Coupons include a unique link with a barcode that is sent to your number and is one time use only, per phone number. Target sends out these unique links to each of its subscribers on a weekly basis. You can use the Target Mobile coupon along with a manufacturer coupon. You can also use a cartwheel from the cartwheel app and “stack” the savings.

How it works:

Click here to sign up for a free Google Voice number. You can even pick out your own area code! Yay!

Once you sign up and verify your information (email, forwarding number etc.)

Then, you will see a menu like the one pictured here. Click on the TEXT button, then text the word “OFFERS” to 827-438 to start getting Target Mobile Coupons.

For a limited time, text the word “BABY” to 827-438 and you’ll get a 10% off Baby Purchase, valid for online use!

That’s it! Let us know in the comments below if it works for you!