Recently, I started to look for new Bibs since my baby is starting to eat solids now and boy, do these eating sessions get sloppy! We go through bibs like crazy in just one week and I don’t always have time to wash them right away. In store, I found that the bib sets were super expensive! One bib costs more than the Onesies I just got from Macy’s. So I figured I would look for them on Amazon to find a lower price and sure enough I did! I found several, actually and they all ship for FREE with Amazon Prime!

Here are the Bib sets I found, all under $8, in case you are in the same boat as me! This first one was my first pick, but it will only ship for free if you have $25 worth in your cart too:

Neat Solutions 10 Pack Water Resistant Drooler Bib Set, Multi-color, $5.83


Luvable Friends Fun Sayings Bib with Peva Backing, Blue Sayings, 5 Count, $6.76


Lamaze Baby-Boys Newborn Boys 4 Pack Terry Bib, Bear, One Size, $7.11


Luvable Friends Veggie Themed Bibs, Blue, 5-Count, $7.99


Luvable Friends Polyester Bibs, Blue, 3 Count, $5.99


Bon Bebe Baby-Boys Newborn Little Rescue Hero Assorted 5 Pack Bib Set for Boys, Multi, 0-12 Months, $7.29


Let me know in the comments below which one I should get, or if you decided to get a set for your own baby!