Get $100 worth of Groceries, Diapers & household products for as low as $32.50 after coupons, cash back and rewards! Shop thru GivingAssistant to earn cash back on this amazing deal + get a FREE $10 Amazon Gift Card!

LivingSocial currently has a deal for Boxed, a wholesale online store that sells Groceries; Paper Products like Bounty; diapers (Pampers, Luvs, Pull-ups) and organic food, juice and snack products and more! Get $100 Voucher to spend on Boxed for only $75. After coupons, cash back and gift card, your total cost will be $32.50 for $100 worth! This is such an amazing deal, you do not want to miss out!

Here’s how the deal works:

  1. Click here to signup for GivingAssistant, you’ll earn 15% back in cashback ($7.50) + get a FREE $10 Amazon Gift Card

  2. Then click here to signup for LivingSocial, you’ll get a free $10 Credit just for signing up!
  3. Now, go back to GivingAssistant and search “Living Social” then go to the Living Social Deal page.Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.47.18 PM
  4. Click the orange SHOP NOW button. You’ll be redirected back to LivingSocial’s website.
  5. Once on LivingSocial, search for “Boxed” and click on the deal ” $70 or $100 to Spend on Grocery Delivery Service ” and select BUY NOW
  6. Select the Voucher for A. $100 to Spend at Boxed Wholesale for $75
  7. Enter promo code YIPIT15 to save $11.25 at checkout. UPDATE: Use code STARS20 to get 20% off (-$15)
  8. You’ll also see that the $10 Credit came off automatically when you signed up in step 2
  9. Pay $50.00
    +Get back $7.50 in cash back when you shop thru GivingAssistant
    +Get a FREE $10 Amazon Gift Card
    Makes it $32.50 after cash back.
  10. Now go to or download the Boxed app on your smartphone and add $100 worth of products to your cart.
  11. Enter the unique voucher code found on the confirmation page in LivingSocial, or check your email for the unique code!

Once you complete your purchase, you should see $8.06 in your GivingAssistant account. Cash it out in 3 days and enjoy your cash back or donate it to a charity of your choice!

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