The Target REDcard is the ultimate savings card. It costs $0.00 and you can set it up right away. Click here to get started. It works just like a debit card and links to your existing bank’s checking account. When you shop at Target in-stores and online, at checkout, you’ll enter a unique 4-pin code to pay for your purchase, best of all? You’ll get 5% off your entire purchase each and every time!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons You Need a REDcard:

1. It’s 100% free and secure!

Signing up for a debit REDcard is 100% free and it’s easy. The card is also secure because it has integrated chip technology and is pin enabled. It takes 5 minutes or less to securely link your bank account to your REDcard so you can use it right away.

2. No credit check

Getting a debit card also doesn’t require a credit check like the credit REDcard, which has no additional benefits. The debit card is really just a normal debit card. The only differences are that you don’t: have pay for this like a credit card or deal with annual fees. Best of all, it will still save you 5% at Target every time you use it!

3. Receive 5% off your in-store or online purchases

Conveniently use your card how you would normally use your bank card, but with free perks. The perks are endless. Using your card at Target is like using an exclusive 5% coupon that’s valid for the rest of your life! You can use it in addition to sales, coupons, and other promotions to save even more.

4. Free shipping

Get free shipping for online purchases without a minimum requirement! Usually, the minimum purchase for free shipping is $25 or more. This benefit is great, especially if you only need one or a couple of little things. Running out of shampoo? Too busy to head out to the store? Want to take advantage of the convenience? For whatever reason, this option is perfect!

5. Get an additional 30 days for returns

Instead of the normal 90 days, get 120 days for returns! This will come in handy for the Holidays. Sometimes your recipients change their minds or discover unforeseen defects. It’s unfortunate, but it does happen. This extra return time is convenient and graceful anytime.


You can even donate 1% of your purchase to the school of your choice!

If you spend $300 on groceries every month, why not save 5% or $15 for free? It all adds up. In a year, that’s $180 in savings. In a lifetime, that’s thousands of dollars. Every penny and every dollar counts! Click here to learn how to get your free REDcard.

The REDcard is FREE to signup for and takes less than a minute. Click here to request your free card today!