abc mouse

For a limited time only, get a 1-month free pass to the nation’s fastest growing Online Learning Academy – ABCmouse. Your child will have access to fun and educational puzzles, games, activities, lessons, and more designed for ages 2-7. Every activity is designed by expert instructors to stimulate thinking and learning in your little one. If they’re already in school, these lessons help reinforce what they’ve learned.

With over 3,000 things to do, it’s impossible for your child to get bored. They’ll laugh, smile, and play all the while learning! ABCmouse is the perfect to help your child enjoy learning.

How to get started:

  1. Click here to go to ABCmouse
  2. Then, click on “Sign Up”
  3. Enter email and submit
  4. Create a free account for your family
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*A valid credit card is required to get your free pass. You will not be charged unless you would like to keep this service as an ongoing subscription. Modify your account at anytime by logging in to ABCmouse.