Happy World Book Day! Today, March 3rd, 2016 is National World Book Day. Celebrate with this awesome freebie deal: Get a World Book Junior Explorers book valued at $12.50 for FREE! Just pay $1 shipping. Geared toward kids ages 6-8 the book incorporates math and science concepts in intuitive ways to make it fun and engaging

How to get this deal:

  1. Click here to go to the World Book page
  2. Click the blue “ORDER NOW” button
  3. Enter email & your shipping information
  4. Pay $1 shipping

World Book Junior Explorers gives your child a thoroughly engaging introduction to elementary math and science. Meet a cast of colorful cartoon characters that introduce basic math and science concepts in intuitive ways, simplifying often-complex concepts. This unconventional—yet effective—method is great for kids who are just starting to explore these concepts … and for helping older students reinforce their command of these concepts.

This colorful, curriculum-oriented learning library features:

  • Colorful comics-style art that makes learning fun
  • List of additional resources in print and on the Web
  • Instructional approach aligned with today’s curriculum standards