If you like to shop at Jet or want more options for getting fresh food like produce, meat and dairy delivered to your door step, things just got even better with Jet! Jet is now offering fresh grocery foods and free shipping over $35 to new locations.

To find out if you can take advantage of this new feature, click here then enter your zip code. You can order fresh produce, meat, seafood, dairy and even eggs or baked goods and more at low or competitive prices!

Not familiar with Jet? Be rest assured. Walmart actually owns Jet and acquired the startup company in 2006 for $3.3 billion. Jet is one of my favorite places to find the best low prices and look for deals. Here at Simple Coupon Deals, we also often feature deals from Jet, and hundreds of our readers have scored sweet deals in the past on home goods, household products, toys and designer goods like Michael Kors handbags, so they are 100% LEGIT! (See also: Vitamin Water $0.78 Per Bottle + Free Shipping)

Unlike Amazon, Jet does not require a membership fee. You can freely shop how you want and when you need to, and find hundreds of thousands of products at low prices that are shipped fast (and free with a $35+ order). As a comparison, AmazonFresh by Amazon –currently available in a handful of cities, charges $14.99 per month for Prime Members to use their fresh food and grocery delivery service.

What I love about Jet is that the more “smart items” you add to your cart, the more discounts you get for bundling up your order! As you add items, your price will drop. This same concept works for the new Fresh Food category!

At Jet, prices drop as you add more “Smart Items” to your cart

Right now if you spend $35 or more, you can use coupon code SAVE15 to score 15% off your first THREE orders at Jet. If you spend $75 or more, use code SAVEFRESH20 for 20% off!

If you see an item with the Blue Cold Pack Icon and Text, that means there is a flat fee charge of $4.95 per order. This ensures that your box will remain cold during transit and you don’t even have to be home for delivery!

Perishable items are shipped with a cold pack to keep the food cold during transit. The cost is $4.95 per order.

Check out what I was able to get for under $30 with the coupon code and “smart item” discounts:

Subtotal: $29.93 + $4.95 Cold Pack Fee

Since this is my first time ordering groceries from Jet, I decided to order two different bunches of Bananas. Jet offered the Yellow and Green Bananas and I’m interested to see how accurate my order will be when it comes in! I will update you when it arrives.

Also, to give you an idea on the pricing at Jet, I did a quick cross-comparison on some of these items with Walmart and Target:

  • This week the Tyson Anytizers Popcorn Chicken is on sale for $6.28 at Walmart and $6.59 at Target. I paid $6.85 at Jet after the 15% off promo code.
  • The same Jennie-O Lean Ground Turkey 1lb (16 oz) pack is $3.98 at Walmart and a slightly larger pack 1.25lb (2ooz) is $4.89 at Target. Also, the same 1lb package sells for $5.99 at AmazonFresh! I paid $3.26 at Jet after the 15% off promo code.
  • A Dozen Eggs is usually $1.98-$2 at both Target and Walmart, so the best discount I received on eggs is at Jet at just $0.82 after promo code.
  • Bananas are usually $0.25/banana or $1.25 for five at Target – same price paid at Jet. The same 5ct bundle is $1.58 at AmazonFresh

If it were not for the coupon/promo discount at Jet, I don’t think I would use Jet exclusively to buy my groceries because I like stacking manufacturer or store coupons in-store with sale items, such as the Tyson Anytizers. I hope they continue to offer coupons on groceries, otherwise their regular retail prices are just a bit too much compared to retail stores on some items. However, if you like the convenience of food delivered to your door or need to make larger orders and can wait 1-2 days to receive your groceries, then Jet is a great alternative! No more waiting in line or clipping coupons – you can save time and money at Jet when shopping for groceries! Also, where some items are priced slightly higher, others are much lower so if you look at an overall cost, you may even save more on one shopping trip using Jet than at traditional grocery stores. The bottom line is, Jet requires no membership fees to shop so you never have to worry about extra fees or tipping anyone! What you see is what you pay! Click here to enter your zipcode to check availability in your area.

Note: Jet is currently not accepting returns on grocery items, however there is a phone number you can call if you have an issue with your order. You may be able to receive a replacement or a refund or credit.

Do you like Jet’s new online fresh grocery food service? What other food delivery services do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

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