Love going to the movies but hate paying full-price? Read this article below on how to save money at the movies where I share 2 very simple ways to cut costs at the theater before you even head out!

Are you looking forward to the new movies coming out this fall and winter? During the Holidays is my favorite time to catch a movie. A few movies coming out later this year that have been on my radar include LEGO Ninjago Movie, Blade Runner, My Little Pony (set to be released on October 6!) and Daddy’s Home 2 with Mark Wahlberg!

I should also mention that Disney Frozen’s Olaf is also starring in his own adventure in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in a 21-minute feature that’s scheduled to open for Disney Pixar’s new feature film Coco (set to be released on November 22, 2017) and I’m positive my kids are going to want to see both!

But with movie ticket prices increasing (and most likely continuing to increase) finding ways on how to save money at the Movie Theater has become a priority of mine.

There are two simple ways you can save money on movie tickets at the theater. One requires more of a commitment and the other is sort of a pay-as you go type.

1. Join a subscription movie club like MoviePass

If you find yourself watching more than one movie per month, you will want to check out MoviePass! For $9.95 per month, you can watch an unlimited amount of movies at ANY theater on ANY day. There are no blackout dates, you can see a new 2D movie every day and you can even go on opening night.

This option does requires a small but fun commitment on your part, if you are spending $9.95 per month, you better make time to go see more than one movie to get your money’s worth! A movie ticket in my area costs between $11-$15. Even if you go every other weekend, you’ve pretty much taken advantage of this subscription cost so it’s a win-win!

MoviePass is a monthly membership subscription service that costs $9.95 per month –that amounts to $119.40 per year. You can look at it this way: If you were to go see about 8 movies per year, you’ve pretty much paid the same amount for the subscription! So if you know you watch more than 8 movies per year, signing up for MoviePass is really is a no-brainer because there will be so many more new movies being released this year that you might want to see!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Click here to MoviePass
  2. Then click the JOIN NOW button
  3. You’ll receive a membership card within 5-7 business days
  4. Choose any movie, show time and theater near you to reserve a ticket
  5. Use your MoviePass card to get your ticket at the box office or kiosk
  6. Enjoy your movie!

2. Purchase your tickets at Fandango in advance

Going to the movie theater and buying a ticket at the last minute is actually doing you a disservice. If you plan ahead, you can actually save money and you won’t be wasting time thinking about what movie you should watch (as the line gets longer!) once you’re there.

Instead of buying a ticket at the theater, take advantage of the discount coupon codes that Fandango often releases and purchase your tickets in advance to save money. Fandango lets you buy tickets online and you can pick them up at the kiosk at the theater.

Click here to see current movie tickets and special offers at Fandango.

You can also text the word with the @ sign like this @Savings101 to 81010 to get free deal text message alerts from Simple Coupon Deals. We often share promo codes that you can use at Fandango when they become available!

If you’re strapped for time and there isn’t a valid coupon code to use right now, you can also purchase a discount Fandango gift card at Raise. if you’re new to Raise, use the coupon code RAISE25AF to get $5 off any $25+ order! Pay as low as $20 for a $25+ value gift card.

If you love watching newly released movies at the the theater too, I hope you find these two simple savings tip to be helpful!