I want to follow up with you guys on how my family and I have used SingleCare for our own health care needs. Last month, I shared with you guys how to save money on dental, vision and doctor visitors with SingleCare. I used the free SingleCare app to find a local dentist in my area for my son. We took him to his first dental visit (at age 3) and I learned a lot from you guys! Many of you shared that you started taking your little one as soon as their first teeth popped up, and as early as 6 months! After this, I did not hesitate to schedule my 1-year old for his first dental visit.

Aside from being able to search for dental and vision services near you, SingleCare also has an innovative but simple feature that allows you to quickly see and speak to a doctor in the comfort of your own home!

With three young children under the age of 6, someone is always getting sick! Plus, it’s hard for me to get to the doctor when the need arises. This is where SingleCare has become so essential. SingleCare lets you connect with licensed, board certified health care professionals within minutes via video chat, anywhere, anytime!

There are two upfront cost options so you’ll know exactly how much you pay for each video session:

  • Pay $45 for a Board Certified Physician – Urgent Care Visits
  • Pay $80 for a Master’s-Level behavioral health professional – Behavioral Health Visit

The benefits in using the video chat sessions by SingleCare is that it allows you to skip the wait times and copays for traditional doctor visits and it’s so fast, convenient and affordable! There is no need to schedule an appointment! Request a session in minutes as you need to. The video chat sessions are great for commonly treaded conditions like the flu, fever, pink eye, migraine, sore throat, hives, allergies.

Once your video session starts, the physician will determine if you need any medication and can prescribe it to you right away!

You can add family members to your profile to request a video session for them, however they will also need to create a separate account to use the video chat feature.

I hope you will check out the features that SingleCare has to offer for yourself. Here’s how you can get started for free:

  1. Click here to SingleCare
  2. Create an account by entering your name, email, create a password
  3. Once you’re logged in, search for a prescription or click on any of the services to find a doctor or service near you.
  4. You’ll also find the cost of the service; how much you’ll save, and be able to book an appointment right away through the Dashboard.

Click here to sign up and let me know how SingleCare has helped you in the comments below! I would love to hear about your experience.

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.