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Sam’s Club Membership Savings For Moms! #NewMomsLoveSams

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If you’re a new mom or have small children, keep reading to find out how to save on baby and toddler essentials at Sam’s Club with the Sam’s Club New Moms offer. Sam’s Club offers the best quality and experience when it comes to shopping for essentials and makes it so convenient for moms like you and me!

When I became a first-time mom, I quickly realized how fast we were going through diapers. We went through one jumbo pack per week, sometimes more when my baby girl had growth spurts and was eating a lot more. Breastfed babies tend to poop more because of the breastmilk that’s given to them, it’s almost like a laxative! We had lots of wet diapers during the first few months because she was breastfed! read more…

High Value $2 Johnson’s Baby Coupon – $0.47 Wipes at Walmart!

Fire up your printer! We have a HIGH Value coupon for Johnson’s Baby products! The coupon is $2 off any Johnson’s Baby product and valid on the wash, lotion, hair care, wipes, powder and oil! I haven’t seen a coupon that’s this high in value so be sure to print it before it reaches it’s limit! You can use four-like coupons per transaction, per customer. Print two coupons on your computer, then switch over to a smartphone to grab two additional prints! read more…