Never pay full price for gas ever again! How to get gas for the LOWEST & BEST price

How to Save Money on Gas

Don’t ever pay full-price for gas! There are many grocery stores that will give you a discount on fuel/gas when you purchase items from their store and use your loyalty reward cards.

There are different ways to get the fuel discount (such as buying specific products to get more points or more discounts), but I am only covering the two most simple for you here and using the store Kroger as an example:

  1. Buy gift cards to use at other stores you would normally shop at
  2. Buy grocery at the store that you normally would buy on a weekly basis anyway

Example 1: Spend $100 on groceries and scan your Kroger savings card during checkout will give you 100 fuel points, this equals $0.10 off per gallon participating gas stations.

Example 2. Spend $50 on gift cards to stores that you need to or want to shop at (such as Best Buy, Staples,  Apple Bees, Target, etc) and scan your Kroger savings card during checkout to get 2x the points. Get 100 points for spending $50, which equals to $0.10 per gallon.

Every penny counts and adds up to your savings!

IMG_2794.JPGBONUS: A few weeks ago at Kroger, there was a gift card promotion with 4x fuel points, when you buy select gift cards you would get 4x the points. Normally, you would get 2x the fuel points. During peak seasons and holidays, Kroger always has promotions on gift card purchases to get you more fuel points. If you do a lot of shopping during Christmas (I don’t know who doesn’t??) then stock up on gift cards to make your purchases, or stock up on gift cards to give away as gifts!

Here’s how the bonus would work:

Spend $25 on a gift card to any available store, such as Old Navy, Macys, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot (there are so many different gift cards, look for them close to the checkout lanes) and get 4x the points:

$25 x 4 = 100 points or $0.10 per gallon!

Simple math at the pump:

Let’s say on average, you may spend $50 at the pump to fill up your car (if you spend less than this filling up then great for you!!) and gas prices happen to be $3.50/gallon – that means you’ll get 14.29 gallons of gas for $50:

$50 / $3.50 = 14.29 gallons.

By scanning your Kroger card at the pump, you’ll save $0.10 off each gallon and get a bit more gas for your $50:

$50 / $3.40 = 14.70 gallons.

To make this easier to compare, let’s say you fill up the same amount of gas: 14.29 gallon in both scenarios:

14.29 x $3.50 = $50
14.29 x $3.40 = $48.59

With the $0.10 off per gallon, you would save $1.41!

Remember, every penny counts! Let’s say you get gas twice a month for a year doing this:

$1.41 x 24 = $33.84 in savings per year

Okay, I think that’s enough math for me, you get the point? Spend more and save even more, up to $1.

Example: Spend $200 on gift cards, get 400 fuel points = $0.40 off per gallon
Bonus: Spend $200 on gift cards during 4x fuel points, get 800 fuel points = $0.80 off per gallonCan someone do the math for me here? :)

My Simple Tip for You:
If you don’t have any groceries or gift cards to buy, here’s what you can do, because I know you need gas!

Buy a Kroger/Gas Gift Card for $100 (you’re going to spend it on gas anyway)
=$100 x 4x fuel points = 400 points
=Save $0.40 at the pump per gallon with those 400 points.