OMG, April is here already! Can you believe it!? How are you doing on your 2015 NY Resolutions? If you joined me on the 12-months Money Challenge, you should have a total of $753 saved up this month (PLUS, if you signed up for a FREE Capital 360 Savings Account, you will have had an additional FREE $25 for signing up + interest!).

52 Weeks Challenge vs 12 Months Challenge

If you’re like me, I am a pretty forgetful person! You might find the monthly challenge a bit more manageable compared to the 52 Weeks Challenge. Each month you will set aside a certain amount of money. At the end of 12 months, you will have saved $1,378. Click here to download the 12 Months challenge PDF printable. Print it and keep it where you will have easy access and/or see it each month. Mark each month as completed to help you keep track of your goal!

Bonus: Open up a 100% FREE SAVINGS account online with Capital 360  and link your existing bank account and start transferring money for free and easily + earn 0.75% interest on your deposits!! Open a Checking Account and get a bonus $50 or open a savings and get a bonus $25!

What I Love About This Challenge So Far:

IMG_9147.JPGSince starting this “savings challenge” in January, I have been trying very hard to stick to my goal… BUT I have to admit, it’s really easy! Each month, the amount I have had to set aside has gotten smaller, yet my savings has grown! I also love that Capital 360 has given me interest/a few cents each month for saving! Every penny does count! I also love how I don’t have to close my existing bank accounts, I can easily link my account and transfer the money over. This helps me to keep track of the savings and prevents me from using that money on something else!

When I opened the Capital 360 Savings Account, I did not have to deal with pesky, pushy or shady bankers. I did it right from the comfort of my own home on my computer and I never ever have to deal with any fees whatsoever!! I honestly don’t know how they make money because they have never charged me a penny. I actually earned $50 for opening the account! If you open an account, you can set up multiple “Savings Accounts” under your same account and save for different things.

CLICK HERE to go to Capital 360 to open your own Checkings or Savings Account now. You will not be disappointed.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been following my challenge or if you are on a different challenge (such as the 52 weeks one) and how it’s been working out for you!