[adinserter name=”Google Ad Insert”]Now that school is in session for many across the country, stores will be marking down summer clothes, and school clothes will follow suite! There are so many clearance sales going on right now, including the huge apparel sale at Target! On my recent trip to Target last night, I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of inventory on clearance. As you can see by the look of these photos, I was in CLEARANCE CENTRAL! My Target store has done an amazing job organizing all of the clearance!

Check your own local Target this week for clearance apparel, up to 70% off summer collections! We found so many items including character t-shirts for only $2.40! There is no known cartwheel or coupon for clothes right now, so if you find something that isn’t quite at your price point yet, wait a few days to see if it will go down even further!

Take a look at some of the items we found on clearance this week:

target-clearance-clothing target-clearance-womens-clothing target-clearance
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