Wow! This Professional 15 Color Concealer/ Contour Palette is only $3.65! Shipping is free from Amazon. This is the best price I found for similar professional makeup concealer palettes. Normally, concealer palettes can run anywhere from $30 to $80. They come in four, six, ten, or twelve shades. With 15 different colors in this palette, the price is an amazing value! For many products, you also pay for extravagant packaging and design. This palette is simple and slim, but sturdy. It comes in classic black, so you don’t pay for anything else unnecessary.

This professional palette is sure to be the perfect beauty touch for every day makeup looks. It’s also handy for using on special occasions. Blend the colors to fit any complexion. Camouflage and cover blemishes, scars, birthmarks, redness, and other discolorations. If you need more coverage for problem areas, use a beauty blender or blending brush to softly pat on more coverage. Be careful not to press too hard or use swiping motions because you’ll end up smudging the concealer around. A tip to prevent creasing is wearing moisturizer and primer before actually applying the concealer.

What I like about this concealer palette is that you can also use it to contour! Instead of exclusively using it as concealer, use it to create depth in your face. Mix the right colors and blend it around your temple, nose bridge, cheekbones, and chin. Strengthen your facial features by creating perfect definition.

You’ll find that you will fall in love with this palette! This palette is very convenient, versatile, and easy to use. Other types of concealers come pre-blended for you already. It can be a challenge to find the right match. They’re either too red, too yellow, too green, too dark, or too light. Then, you end up having to buy more concealers or other products to blend them anyways! The freedom to blend your own matching colors all-in-one palette is empowering. Goodbye to mismatch concealer tube days! Click here to see more details.

 Professional 15 Color Concealer/ Contour Palette $3.65