A new year means new special events for you to put together and announce! I’ve got the perfect notepad announcements hack idea for you that costs only $1.49!  You’ll receive 50 sheets that are 5×6. Customize a York notepad for $8.99 and put your picture with your announcement message. At checkout, enter the coupon code NOTEPADS to take off $7.50! Shipping adds $2.99. This deal ends 1/18/16!

notepads order

When you get your notepads in the mail, use double-sided tape and peel off just one side. Stick the adhesive side to the back of the notepad sheet and leave the other side of the tape on for your invitee to peel off when they receive it. You’ve then made your very own customized, sticky note. Ask guests to stick it to their fridge or wall or somewhere they’ll easily see it as a reminder to attend your event. Your notepads will be safe enough to mail with announcement cards.

You will need two simple things:

  1. customized notepad from York $1.49
  2. removable double-sided tape from Target for $2.59

double-sided tape

Here are some ideas we’ve put together to help you get started!york

This hack idea will not break your bank, yet it is very creative and effective for all of your guests. It works for all occasions whether you are reminding guests of birthdays, baby announcements, baby showers, bridal showers, engagement parties, retirement parties, or any other important events and dates you can think of! If you own a business, this idea even works for that. Click here to get started.