Add these 9 free mobile apps to your smartphone and start making extra cash right away. How much are you paying for your phone bill? $60? $90? $130? I have been able to pay my monthly phone bill with just these apps alone! It’s time to start saving money and earning real cash.

These apps will pay you cash via PayPal just for installing and using them! Best of all? They don’t cost you a penny! Zip, nada, nothing!

  1. Swagbucks

    swagbucks-app-iconSwagbucks is a little bit of everything. Watch videos, earn points (SB), Search the internet, earn SB points, take surveys, earn SB points, enter codes, earn SB points. You can even switch to Desktop to earn even more! Redeem your SB Points for PayPal credit or gift cards! Download it now and earn SB points on the go for completing many different tasks like watching a video clip, surfing the web or signing up for freebies!

  2. SavingStar

    savingstar-mobile-app-iconLove free stuff and getting paid to shop for groceries and household products? SavingStar is a convenient and fast way to earn money on all your favorite items. Each week, SavingStar features a “Free Product” cash back offer. Clip the offer and buy it at any store near you, then redeem your receipt for the full amount you paid. Plus, link your store loyalty cards and make a purchase. Your purchases will automatically track and money is deposited into your account instantly! Cha-ching! Click here to signup for SavingStar and check out the amazing offers they have!

  3. Ibotta

    ibotta-mobile-app-iconWant more chances to earn cash on everything you buy? Ibotta has the largest database of cash back offers on the newest and most popular products in-stores. They also have a few online offers for big brands like Best Buy and Sephora. Each week Ibotta gives you the chance to buy a featured product and get cash back on it. Make a purchase in-store and scan the product barcode into the app to verify it, then submit your receipt for instant cash back. Save even more when you stack these cash back offers with a store or manufacturer coupon. Click here to signup for Ibotta and get a bonus $10 cash back when you redeem your first offer.

  4. BevRAGE

    BevRAGEGet paid to buy beer, wine and liquor! Just like Ibotta, you’ll make a purchase in-store and submit your receipt for cash back! This is a nice app for “double dipping” on your beer, wine or liquor purchases! Right now there are a few cash back offers for any brand of beer, wine or liquor so definitely take advantage of it! Click here to signup and download the BevRAGE app.

  5. Checkout51

    checkout51-mobile-app-iconCheckout51 was one of the very first mobile apps to allow you to earn cash back on produce that you buy in-stores: vegetables and fruits! They still offer this cash back weekly, among other select items! You’ll want to check this weekly for new product offers. What I love about Checkout51 is that they don’t require you to scan the product bar code. Simply take a picture of your receipt showing your purchase of a particular item and get cash back right away! Save even more when you stack these cash back offers with a store or manufacturer coupon. Click here to signup and download the Checkout51 app.

  6. BerryCart

    BerryCart width=BerryCart is similar to Ibotta – it offers cash back on specific products that you buy in-store. To redeem for cash back, snap a picture of your receipt and upload via the app. The offers are very limited – they only have indie or new-upcoming brands and focus mainly on healthy, organic, natural grocery products. Click here to signup and download the BerryCart app.

  7. Shrink

    Shrink Mobile AppShrink is a cash back app – their app boosts that you can “turn any grocery receipt into cash!” However they only have a very small and limited number of cash back offers available. Mainly their offers include organic, natural or sustainable grocery products only. If you’re a conscious shopper, this app is for you! Occasionally they have offers for fresh fruits or vegetables too! Why we love this app? You can get $1 just for signing up today! Sweet!  Click here to signup and download the Shrink app.

  8. MobiSave

    mobisave-mobile-app-iconMobiSave features different products that you may not find on Checkout51 and Ibotta so it’s worth adding to your list of Cash Apps. Simply make a purchase and submit your receipt for instant cash back! Save even more when you stack these cash back offers with a store or manufacturer coupon. Click here to signup and download the MobiSave app.

  9. Shopmium

    Earn cash back on your in-store purchases with Shopmium! Shopmium is brought to you by coupons.com – the largest online printable coupon site. Keep an eye out for tons of new cash back offers – this app won’t be going anywhere any time soon! Click here to download the app and use the referral code FCGKCFQX to score a FREE Lindt chocolate bar!

Did we miss your favorite money making app? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll review it! We’ll let you know if we feature your app.

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