Get Paid $3 Per Survey Via PayPal – Limited Spots Open!

Here is how I make extra money on the side to pay for groceries and diapers. This is so easy. You can earn $3-$5 for every survey that you take with Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a highly rated survey site ranked #1 by Survey Police. You also must be invited to apply and it’s extremely hard to get accepted since they always have limited spots open and are only looking for the right candidate to fill up their coveted spots.

If accepted, you’ll receive $3 per simple survey that you take and you may even receive free products through the mail to try out and test (and yes they are yours to keep!). Apply now through our exclusive invitation link and once you are a member, you’ll also be entered into the bi-weekly $500 Cash Giveaway!

To get started

  1. Click here for Pinecone Research
  2. Complete the screening questionnaire
  3. If accepted, you’ll be taken to the actual application form
  4. Very Important: Check your email for a confirmation letter and click to confirm your account.
  5. Start taking surveys. Earn 300 points per survey
  6. Redeem the 300 points for $3 and cash out via PayPal!

Thanks & Tumbler for the Happy Dance!

Thanks Giphy & Tumbler for the Happy Dance!

Note: Only one qualified member is allowed per household. If you don’t qualify, ask a family member such as your spouse to apply to increase your chances of getting in! If you were accepted, Congratulations! Now do the happy dance!!