FREE Target Gift Cards! Just Walk Into Target! OMG!

HURRY! Score free Target gift cards when you download this app, walk into the store and scan products. You don’t have to make a purchase at all! This is 100% free and legit! I’ve done this so many times and get free Target gift cards ALL THE TIME!

To get the gift card:

  1. Click here for Shopkick
  2. Download the app and signup using an email
  3. When you do your weekly shopping, open the app up at the front entrnace of the store
  4. You’ll learn “Shopkick Points”
  5. Once you get at least 500 Shopkicks, you can redeem for a $2 Target Gift Card
  6. The gift card is delivered via the app and you can use it right away

Get points when you walk into major stores like Walmart and Target by opening the Shopkick app. Get more points by scanning products in the store.

You can also save your Shopkick to redeem for $5, $10 and $25. Choose other gift cards like Walmart, Best Buy, Walgreens and more!

Save 5% on Everything at Target!

Before you head to Target, click here to signup for a Free Target REDcard Debit Card. You’ll save 5% off the final purchase price as shown in all of our deal scenarios ! This may not seem like a huge savings, however every penny counts and in the end, it does make a huge difference!