I am really sad to share with you guys that Zaycon Fresh has shut down all of their operations! I recently learned about this on 6/25 and like many of you, I am surprised, disappointed and worried. I placed an order a few weeks ago when they had the chicken breast on sale for $0.99/lb and I have yet to pick up my order.

If you placed an order and haven’t picked it up yet, I would suggest that you email them at questions@zayconfresh.com to ask for a refund. In the mean time, call your credit card company or bank to ask for a refund.

I hope that they will provide more information soon but at this point, it isn’t a guarantee that Zaycon Fresh will get back to us because they are not even answering their phone line and I am sure they are receiving many emails after this surprise announcement on their website.

Apparently they are dealing with some internal leadership and legal issues and none of us were aware of this. I sincerely apologize for promoting their sales! Had I know about this (had any of us known this) I would not have promoted their products! I am really disappointed to learn about this and will keep you guys updated if I get any additional information!


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