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If you’re a new mom or have small children, keep reading to find out how to save on baby and toddler essentials at Sam’s Club with the Sam’s Club New Moms offer. Sam’s Club offers the best quality and experience when it comes to shopping for essentials and makes it so convenient for moms like you and me!

When I became a first-time mom, I quickly realized how fast we were going through diapers. We went through one jumbo pack per week, sometimes more when my baby girl had growth spurts and was eating a lot more. Breastfed babies tend to poop more because of the breastmilk that’s given to them, it’s almost like a laxative! We had lots of wet diapers during the first few months because she was breastfed!

I wasn’t able to go out couponing or shopping on a weekly basis like I did before I had her. Fast forward, now that I am a mom of three: ages 2, 4 and 6 AND I am expecting a new baby girl in January, to say I have my hands full is quite an understatement. Even more so, I am unable to do any of the shopping with three kids in tow. I find myself often giving my husband a digital list of things we need to buy: milk, eggs, fresh fruits/veggies and the occasional soap and cleaning products. However, over time, I have learned and will never let my husband shop for diapers and baby essentials because there are just so many opportunities to save and stock up on these things throughout the year at my local Sam’s Club and online at Sam’s Club! Sam’s Club has made it so convenient and easy to save on quality products and top brands.

With the Sam’s Club New Moms promotion, you get so much in savings, the membership benefits practically pays for itself! If you sign up now for the $45 membership, you can get a FREE $20 Sam’s Club Gift Card! That’s enough to buy a big value box of wipes or pay toward diapers!

Also, Sam’s Club is offering $25 in Instant Savings when you join through this link.The Instant Savings includes high value offer like $5 off Pampers, Huggies, Pull-Ups or Wipes and a Free Rotisserie Chicken for dinner!

Sam’s Club offers so many great benefits for busy moms like you and me.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you’re not happy with the membership, cancel any time to get your full $45 back
  • Enjoy Club Pickup – Order your baby and toddler essentials online at and pickup at the club near you
  • Scan & Go App – I love this feature the most! It’s a free app that lets you scan items in the store and pay for them. Skip the checkout lane! We don’t even have to wait in line when we shop at Sam’s Club now because of this app! Watch my video on how to do this here.
  • Wholesale Prices – You’ll always find exceptional values on bulk items and top brands
  • Instant Savings – The Instant Savings is like their store sales, you get extra savings on top of the low prices on certain products throughout the year

Take advantage of this amazing offer and sign up to get these benefits and the Instant Savings now! This is a limited time promotion so don’t wait!

Next Steps:

  • Take advantage of the #NewMomsLovesSams Giveaway where you can get a chance to win one of 25 $100 Sam’s Plus Gift of Membership gift cards. Entering the giveaway is so simple and fast. You have nothing to lose!
  • Also, mark your calendar and RSVP: On November 6, 2018, join the #NewMomsLoveSams Twitter party because there will be $1500 in membership giveaways!