We spotted a new, cute toy appliance that’s perfect for any child who wants to play pretend as a Barista. Your Barista(s) can craft real, drinkable coffee-free caffeine-free latte drinks just like a real Barista without heat using the Creative Café Barista Bar. It’s as low as $24.99 at major retailers.

How to get this deal:

  1. Go here for Creative Café
  2. Then click on “WHERE TO BUY” for a list of local stores
  3. Under Target or local store, click on “BUY NOW”
  4. Pay as low as $24.99 + Free Shipping

All equipment and supplies necessary are included for your Barista’s convenience. They’ll mix powder with milk, froth drinks by pulling the lever down, and design their drinks with stencils by using colored edible powder. There are tons of different recipes available to choose from or your Barista can experiment and make up their own.

The Creative Café is great with all types of milk and milk alternatives. It’s safe to use and there is NO HEAT. Use pastry sprinkles, edible colored powder, and flavored syrups from home to continue the fun!

Check out Creativecafemyway.com for more details! You can find it online or in-store at Amazon, or Target, or Walmart.