This week, I’ve taken over SingleCare during Savings Week to help you learn how to save on your prescriptions. Whether you have insurance or not, SingleCare can help you save on your out of pocket costs when it comes to filling your prescriptions. There is no catch or no hidden fees – SingleCare works with companies to give you the best price. You can fill your prescriptions at any drug store like you normally would. When you fill and pickup your prescription, show the SingleCare savings card to see how much they can save you.

You can also just sign up now for their member savings program and research popular drugs to see what the cost savings is.

Even better, SingleCare is giving you a $5 bonus to sign up! The $5 can be used toward your next prescription – which means, even more savings! The more you use SingleCare, the more points you can earn to lower your costs on future prescriptions.

Check out SingleCare at or on the iOS and Android stores for their free mobile app.