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Welcome to Simple Coupon Deals! We’re so excited to have you here. Simple Coupon Deals is the best place to find deals, printable coupons, weekly matchups, online promo codes, and savings advice that is simple to follow. Learn how to coupon the simple way with simple deal scenarios.

About Mrs K. & Company

scd-momHi there! I am Mrs Kue. I created Simple Coupon Deals because I love to help others save money using simple savings strategies. I hope you will enjoy learning about how to coupon and save money and that you find the simple deal scenarios helpful. Simple Coupon Deals started as a blog for me to document my couponing, shopping, savings and spending habits.

Each deal that is published on Simple Coupon Deals is truly tried and tested by me or my friends! My friends and family were my very first readers and supporters of my blog. My biggest supporter is my husband, Mr Kue and my two children are my biggest motivation. They are the reason why I continue to do what I do. I truly enjoying hearing how my simple deals have helped others save or how someone was able to make a purchase on things that didn’t seem possible before!

I help others save money on virtually anything and everything, and as the creator of Simple Coupon Deals, I’ve become a much more conscious saver and smarter shopper. Like many people, I use to struggle with saving money, but now saving money is really simple and fun with coupons and cashback! Saving money while shopping with coupons for groceries, baby products, beauty products and more has allowed me to provide for my family and in addition, acquire things I normally wouldn’t have been able to before, with very little to no money spent out of my own pocket! I hope that you will continue to follow me on my journey as I share with you the most simple deals, freebies, savings and cashback offers and more!

My Coupon Stockpile

Here are a few old photos of my stockpile when I first started to coupon: 68680_553685219131_1428095458_n 223772_550377732361_581045453_n

If you want to learn a bit about how I got started with couponing, read this blog post.

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